• Nothing. I don't want a talking tombstone. I want one that will quietly sit there.
  • I want mine to say "Hey! Don't step there! No, not there either! Oh aaarghhh! ....Where ya goin?"
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      (I'm pretty sure my grave wont be marked at all. And that's ok. No one will be trying to find me.)
  • I'm not going to have one. My wife and I are going to be cremated and made into grow into trees. Seriously.
    • Roaring
      Great idea. Certainly beats some of the old cemeteries embalmed bodies leeching formaldehyde into the ground.
  • I am leaving my body to my work for experimental use.
  • 4-18-2017 I am leaving my body to science, since nobody else wants it.
  • Great question ! I'll be put in a mausoleum wall, but if I had a Tombstone that could read something then how about,.......Over a Billion Women Served.
  • Name, date, mark against the evil eye, with scratches carved into the base like something has been trying to claw its way out.
  • i dont care what they write, its not like i'll be able to read it
  • won't have one cremation probably for whatever body parts are left over after donation to science

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