• Not pasteurized, homogenized cows milk, no? Kirlian photography reveals the one of the greatest drops in radiant energy just after an adult drinks a glass of milk.
  • Wouldn`t you, if all that was left in the stores was dog`s milk?
  • I only drink milk from a box, like an Amuhricin. ...not from a bag, like those pesky Canadians! *shakes fist at pesky Canadians, and their milk in bags, and square wheels and... *hear voice in distance...* "I'm not your buddy, friend!" (lol) (It's ok, I have some brain damage from watching South Park but was assured that further watching will worsen it.) *shouts back: "I'm not your friend, guy!!!" ...
  • 4-11-2017 Yes, I certainly did. I just found out that milk can explode. Powdered milk dispersed in air will burn explosively, just like flour or sawdust. So if you ever tour a dairy, no smoking, ok?
  • I like Whole Milk
  • I drank non-fat cow milk when I was a teenager. However, as an adult I drink full-fat cow milk.

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