• Surely this depends on the business you are doing but if you don't mind, you have to apply both online and off line marketing and advertise tricks. Find ways of how to get to your clients. online you could advertise with search engines like google,yahoo,and bing. Remember this also depends on localty. some search engines have a market share in some countries. Do your research. or provide details for further help. Open up a social media accounts and make sure you post content to keep your members active. I don't know which business you into but find directories that relate to your business and subscribe there. Use classified sites. This depends on the country were you are based,you could post your company services on classifieds sites used in your country
      Don;t forget to use offline tricks as well
  • You can start by creating a video commercial or promo video or your website. There exists a few online video maker applications that you can use to create your own business promo video such as an explainer video or whiteboard video. Customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a video that explains what your business has to offer.

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