• Have detergent washing with 40
  • Ask Kryten. He likes washing & cleaning.
  • First check the tag. They usually have washing instructions on them. You need to know if it's wool or mohair/cashmere. These will shrink sometimes to half their original size if any heat is used. If in doubt hand wash in cold water with a very gentle detergent (Woolite or Ivory flakes) then place on a flat surface, shape it and let it air dry. Or have it professionally cleaned. This is why I use acrylic fibers for most of my projects. You can just thrown it in with the regular laundry! Cotton will shrink as well, but not as badly
  • depends on what the label says!!!!!! but very carefully, by hand, generally. I had a sweater once that said DRY CLEAN hell, I I put it in the washer on 'gentle' and med. warm.....when I put it in the dryer, I checked it every 5 minutes until it was JUST barely dry..... worked like a charm!! no dry cleaners for me!!! lol

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