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  • Actually, for what it is worth, it is the Left - the authors of "political correctness" - that seeks to define just what can and cannot be said and done. The "Right," at least as that is defined in the United States, comes out of the classical liberal tradition which asserts that rights are inherent in man's nature and that the purpose of government is to "secure" those rights and maximize liberty. The Left - again as defined in the United States - argues from what has typically been called the "radical" (as the ancient Greeks used the term) school of liberalism, and asserts that it is necessary for the government to intervene in civil society and place limits on the "unequal" exercise of rights. Put another way, the left is more apt to do the banning of anything if bans there are to be.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      With all due respect (if any) that's crap. The right is about rich guys buying the government away from the people who own it, and by definition ARE they can exempt themselves from taxation and law (and even having to pay employees. AND YOU KNOW THIS! Meanwhile, the left or liberals or whatever mere WORD you'd like to spin at us so carelessly, is merely the people of the country. The Democrat party WAS just representative democracy as intended in action. (Now of course it's dead, and you awful immoral robbers have won, you've fleeced america down a hole, made the world hate us, taken our jobs, our hope, our dignity, our pride. ALL OUR MONEY AND MORE, and our rights and even democracy itself from us. And YOU would use ideological cuckapoo to try and make the people who did THAT seem 'good'? HA! You support evil. Plainly put. You are anti-American. ALL republicans should be rounded up and locked in the FEMA camps and I DO Mean it.
    • dorat
      You might do well to study political philosophy, in which I have a degree. Actually, in this country, the right - as defined in the United States (which is actually classical liberalism) - gets its support predominantly from medium and small sized business. The left, as defined in this country, gets its support from big business, especially the banking, financial services, insurance, and "Silicon Valley" sectors. That is why Mr. Obama, even with a supersized majority in both Houses of Congress and at the height of his popularity, was unable to get the "single payer" health care system that he preferred. It would have gored too many oxes on his own side. (Also check out the Investment Company Institute - the lobby for the financial services sector - which is staffed almost entirely by Democrats.) The truth is that big business can navigate the regulatory state in a way that small and medium sized businesses cannot because the former have the legal and accounting departments that the latter cannot afford. Furthermore, as you will note, in the most recent election, the higher the income level, the more apt the person was to vote for Mrs. Clinton. Mr. Trump's electoral base was lower middle class blue collar workers. Also, of course, business has been the among the strongest advocates of LGBT rights - as you saw especially after North Carolina's GOP controlled legislature passed the so-called "bathroom bill." That hardly puts big business on the side of conservatives. At any rate, I provide you with data, you simply rant. Epithets are not a substitute for an argument, and when you characterize those with whom you disagree as not merely mistaken but immoral, you preclude rational analysis and reasoned discussion. In this you are, dare I say it, a symptom of our culture's ills to say the least.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      You don't live in reality at all do you.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      And your questions are those of a pervert. Is this Bill O'Reilly? Bill Bill Bill... And what do you think it's going to do for those kids you boast of that you and the mother aren't even married? I don't find you as credible as you want to be imagined. ...What kind of a republican lives a loose immoral life so that he can't freely trash anyone liberal as immoral, which is one the foremost duties of being a supporter of the right?
    • dorat
      As I say, epithets are not a substitute for an argument, and irrelevant responses to the question hardly add substance to your case. Really kid, go to school, go learn something. As to reality - I do believe that I am being called ugly by a frog.
  • Television licence....
  • Well, if you treat the 1st Amendment like the liberal left does the 2nd Amendment, you wouldn't be able to peaceably assemble. Many on the left think that the government can take that right from you and then you have to prove to the government why you need to exercise that right. From what I'm seeing, it's the liberal left that wants to ban opinions that aren't politically correct and don't jive with their agenda.
  • People haven't really had the right to assemble in years now. The last Party Convention I saw, the protesters were all stuck in a cage, and told "you can assemble in there". And in general, ANY protest is going to be met with horseback soldiers, and a camera, to televise it for the purpose of making them seem to be terrible criminals, and scare anyone else who might want to peacefully assemble at some future point from ever thinking to do so. .....But you haven't really lost much, because protesting is ineffective anyway. I cant think of a historical example of protesting managing to change anything since the women chained themselves to the White House fence in the early 20th Suffragette movement. .........If you wish to get a point across, protesting is pointless, and so is petitioning. However, to grab a corporation's balls and squeeze: BOYCOTT. There's power in that. Democratic power that brings action swiftly.
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