• (Neil Young) "Stick around while the clown who is sick does the trick of disaster..." One time I saw a man guzzle what seemed like 2 gallons of beer, and he ate quite a bit of popcorn, and at some point the inevitable purging ensued.... He fire-hosed all over the radio (which was the real disaster) (Hey, it was a party, and he puked on our music and killed it!)(We strung him up in an apple tree, of course.) (come to think of it, we oughta check on him soon. He may still be up there. long has it been since 1983?) Well anyway, he was like a human fire hydrant. You know when they unscrew the plug and it just gushes out mercilessly? Yea. Pretty horrifying. Seing all that beer go to waste.
    • beaker95
      Beer and popcorn is a poor choice. I prefer beer and cop porn.
  • Listening
    • Linda Joy
      Why is this question not in the question feed?
    • Linda Joy
      Didn't even realize this was under the 'magic' category, still I guess listening holds more real 'magic' than any of the so called magic tricks.
  • I juggle scarves to thunderous applause.
    • beaker95
      While people are still wearing them?

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