• Is that like an animal that runs on batteries?
    • Linda Joy
      Like a rabbit?
    • Roaring
      (Yes rabbit)In shamanic traditions there was recognition of dreams, guided inner journeys and auspicious encounters that may reveal an affinity to a particular animal. That is why many traditional Native American names have reference to an animal like Buffalo, Deer, wolf, Bear, Elk (one of my native teachers was named Bear Heart)
  • My power animal is a Koala. Sleeps most of the day and is cuddly.
    • Roaring
      I like that. Eating eucalyptus leaves i hear can make them sleepy.
  • My totem animal is the skunk. Skunks in the wild never act vicious or loud & threatening like many overdramatic other animals such as Bobcats & coyotes. Skunks just ignore you & go calmly about their daily business just like you were not even there. I was once fishing from a farm pond when a wild skunk with her 5 shiny clean little kittens walking in line behind her calmly walked across the dam a few feet behind me without so much as a glance in my direction.. I was very impressed with her confidence & demeanor.
  • According to my Granny it is the owl, because one grabbed me by the shoulders, and apparently thought it was going to fly off with me. Silly owl! The talon scars is supposed to mean I'm 'marked' as property of the owl clan.
  • You a gravity monkey, or an electric aardvark?
    • Franco333
      Yeah, you know, silly crap like people being reanimated after rigor mortis done set in, someone surviving three days in a whales belly, the sea temporarily splitting in half, and so on.

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