• I will believe it, if and when it occurs.
    • beaker95
      Come again?
  • I expect to die and find that what I secretly expected, or even feared, became real, just because I expected it (it's a physics thing) ( or a worry). ....Though according to belief in reincarnation, supposedly we come back a little more evolved each time. And Mr Pants would like to be a larger stuffed animal next time...especially down there *blink* (My legs, I mean. I currently have none! (Um..what did you think meant??) .....But if I cant come back as the Toys R Us Giraffe, then I might like to reincarnate as a hippy musician in the 60's. Mark Farner perhaps. Or a Beatle. Maybe a stoned Grateful Dead guitarist. NOT that I'm wishing to have lots of meaningless sex with strange young women who idolize me and would piss themselves at even getting to touch my comb! (Why would I want that?) No, I just want to be a hippy rock star, and ***k lots of young women who throw their panties at me as I play, and have wet copiously erotic dreams about me at night, and...oops. *blink*
  • 4-17-2017 People who don't believe in God will believe anything.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Actually the opposite is true. We've found that the population is roughly split into a segment whose brains are just made to "follow", and a segment who question things for themselves. Believers..believe! (SO much so that they can't even conceive of anyone not being that way, and this causes them to erroneously conclude that atheism is a belief system. But it's not. It's the absence of one.
    • Jewels Vern
      There's one now! See what I mean?
  • Some do, some don't.
  • No human has ever been able to re-create life after death...So there can be only ONE identity that can...Jehovah God...and HE does not do this time... But he WILL...soon !.
  • I don't. I suspect most don't. But I bet some probably do. An atheist is just somebody who doesn't believe in god. That's all. It's not a belief system
  • Re- incarnation means to be brought back to FLESHLY life....and only a loving God can do this. So an atheist [ someone who denies the existence of God ] could not believe in it at all.
    • Jewels Vern
      Believing is a natural ability: anybody can believe. If somebody tells you something, you can believe it, or not, or you can make up something different and believe that instead. An atheist believes there is no god, or he believes that he is his own god, or nature is god, or something else of his own choosing. There is no law that says a person must believe something about life after death just because he believes something about a god or no god. Christians have a reputation for believing because it is a manifestation of the holy spirit, which they received when they accepted Christ. The one unmistakable symptom of being born again is this tremendously strengthened personality, the same thing that atheists find so annoying.
  • You must be asking if atheist are Hindus. :)

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