• 18 months ago....
  • When the sensible questions are all used up, then the real fun begins -- the silly questions!
    • we are dough 68
      What sensible questions?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Well, I don't know. Just what is supposed to be so silly about asking advice on how to make slippers out of squished baby ducks, for instance? Some people may need to know that! And how to get a moose out of your living room? THAT could be vital information, if you ever woke up and found a Moose standing on your coffee table. After all, I didn't ask any questions that WERE actually silly (like "How many 'libtards' does it take to fill up a Volkswagen?)(14, if you slice them up and stack them right. XD) THAT'S silly! Everyone knows you cant fit more than 9 dead bodies in my Volkswagen. Why just the other day, I was out in that part of the garage I always keep locked and're not a cop are ya? Hmm. *runs away, trying to look innocent*

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