• causes of anger in one word is fear. Your afraid of something subconscious or consciously. Controlling it need to check over all the things that get you upset and deal with them head on. In time you will lose your anger and gain peace.
  • Some causes of anger are attacks on our self-esteem, personal criticism, insult, unfair treatment, and unjustified frustration. When people are angry, they are conveying an emphatic message:
  • Attachment to an unmet expectation. We can learn certain areas of inflexable adamancy. I meditate often and if anger comes up, I breathe into the feeling and stay with it. I may notice how much I may want to change this, and see how long I can stay with it, as this and all things do pass.
  • I reckon everything is down to those incredibly complex chemical imbalances in our brains. Try eating more broccoli....
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  • Frustration. Being constantly stymied to accomplish something. Stress is another.
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  • Neglect= Entitlement
  • Angry with myself that i settled for an online relationship.
  • One time I heard that bananas have something in them that helps with bad PMS, and I told a friend whose wife had a severe problem with that. Next day he had the biggest bunch of bananas I've ever seen in my life on his counter. I've never laughed so hard. That poor bastard! :D -- I've got another friend who is bipolar, knows it, but wont take the medicine. He's been telling himself nonsense for decades instead, about how his anger is all just a spiritual test, and stems from trouble in an earlier lifetime (he's a bit..delusional. He really should take the pills. But I finally told him so, and now he doesnt speak to me. He's probably meditating and rationalizing and reinforcing all his ills even now. :( Shame. I've seen the difference the medicine can make. Night and day. But he refuses, so continues to be a very angry man who can barely hold it in (when he does try to hold it in, it still comes out, just in the form of snipey passive-aggressive attacks on people). But yea, bipolar is something that can cause angriness, as a symptom. --- Also anger can be caused simply by fear of something unknown. Or that is, people tend to express fear as anger. Because the fear makes them feel out of control, and so feel that way. -- Can it stem from childhood issues...oh, anything can result from twists and turns early in life. But if anger is what resulted, then the only way to get over that is to identify what happened, and face being able to not react that same way anymore about it now. A wounded soul needs to feel the sense of control that had been denied them. -- Resentment can also certainly cause anger, and when such issues remain unresolved, the anger will remain. I'm not saying I think any of these things apply to you; I'm just listing a few possible ways one can feel anger often. -- My brother I always say has "rage disorder", because he turns red in the face and really acts up. He's explosive, and does things like torment people, scare them into submission, lose jobs for such inappropriate behaviors, threaten to kill his parents (and he's 50 and he behaves like this) (It's okay, I was adopted and share none of his genes, or traits). What makes him like that? I don't know. I just tell people he has a mental disorder, I call "rage disorder", and I dont even know if that's a real disorder one can have. I suppose he could have some other disorder, and I'm just not a doctor. But it's something. He's like a Hitler character. I hate him actually. But that's my issue...
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  • I was taught the root causes of anger are hurt, fear, and/or frustration. Knowing this helps me better understand how to help others. As for my own anger, I've been more helped by learning that while I can't always choose my initial reaction, I can choose not to dwell in that emotion or continue to relive the experience. I don't like to feel angry, so firstly I do what I can to rectify the situation or change my thinking. If (as is usually the case) I have no control over the situation I make an effort to put it in the past quickly, where it can't continue to hurt me in the present and move on.
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  • 6-6-2017 Anger is a habit, a learned behavior. You have to learn when to be angry and how to act in each situation. You can control anger by taking acting classes.
  • Anger management is a process which enables people to identify stressors so that they can take necessary steps to remain cool and calm. Anger Management makes one able to handle tense situations in a very positive and constructive manner. The motive of Anger management is just to provide help to patient to decrease the heightened physiological and emotional arousal which is often associated with anger. Anger is a spontaneous response and it is practically impossible for people to avoid settings and things that incite anger.
  • Stress and anxiety causes anger.
  • Anger is a physiological issue. The fear you generate is part of a "flight response" from your physiology. I am sure something has been bothering you. How? Your imagination takes over and creates worse scenarios. When you find the real causes and how they can be solved, you will be able to successfully overcome your anger.

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