• One of my questions was "queued for spidering". I think it means that someone whined that the question offended them. My question included a cuss word and one of the responders was upity about it. Everybody else took it in the spirit it was ment and joked around in their answers. It was probably permanently removed to placate the sensitive visitors to this site. Maybe someone found the spidered question offensive. (Right or wrong)
  • I think it's something to do with the fact that not all of the old questions have returned yet. The ones that have not yet returned are said to be "queued for spidering", whatever that means.
  • "Spidering" is what search engines (like google) do to every page online. It's another word for "crawling", and is done by bots (so google's crawler is referred to as "the google bot"). A bot is just a program that automatically searches the web continuously, and it scans your page(s) (copies and photos them) so it can post links and previews of your content in search results for you. So..when you get that error message here, it's probably because this site isn't as finished being set up as it could be (ie, posts aren't dated; you can't scroll back all the way in a thread's answers, there's no bb/code (so you can't post pictures, links. videos, or center your text etc). I'm not complaining at all, I like the place, but it's got a few unfinished details, and one of the unattended details is causing us to have to wait to see a page, when a crawler is currently scanning it. (A site should be able to accommodate both those activities simultaneously, usually).
  • I don't know, but that one has now been spidered. Look:
  • It means it was deleted.

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