• Oh I don't like the sound of that. A little too Orwellian...automated cops...machines making decisions about who should get shot. (Oh I realize these will be piloted by actual cops, yes. But things progress. Soon we may have driverless cars I'm told. And so perhaps these drones would be harmless now, but automated later. ..All in all, when it comes to things like this, I'd feel better if the reduction in rights we let the government enact after 9-11 was revoked now. It's fine to have law enforcement and equip them with the best and latest sure, but I liked it better when the line between okay and too far was clearer, and guaranteed.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I don't like the idea of computer controlled things having weapons. I think IA is what's going to do us all in anyway. It won't be the zombies.
  • Considering how trustworthy cops are with the weapons they already have...
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Cops shouldn't have weapons?

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