• You mean like the slaver ants? We do.
  • Because - unlike an ant - I cannot carry a piece of food which is ten times my size, and people won't help each other carrying monumentally large foodstuffs back to their holes, so they hate each other and send snide ingenuine Christmas cards with snot wiped on the back.
    • beaker95
      For the tenth time, that was not snot, it was jism.....
  • For all we know ants are having wars, sleeping with each other's family members xD
    • Ice man
      Good point ! : )
  • Humans are ruled by the greedy.
  • Because, euphemistically, people don't get along period.
  • Evidently you've never heard of all the appalling atrocities committed during the great ant wars.....
    • we are dough 68
      I thought that was all fake news.
    • Ice man
      You gotta stop listening to Trump and company. Speaking of fake news ... did you catch the Sean Spicer statement, that Hitler never used chemicals during WW 2 ? I almost pissed myself laughing, especially when a reporter mentioned the gas chambers in all the death camps.
    • we are dough 68
      Trump. Putin. Kim Jong-Un. Here endeth the lesson (and the world).
    • Ice man
      Something told me I'd never live long enough to collect my old age pension. : (
    • we are dough 68
      Who is Hitler?
    • Ice man
      He was a Syphilitic, landscape painter with a half a mustache and a bad temper, who wanted to dominate the world with cute little blonde German clones, so he started World War 2 in hope of achieving his dreams.
    • beaker95
      Oh, I thought that was Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • One day I retrieved a Pepsi bottle from under a pear tree. It was full of large ants. I capped the bottle and took it to my Kindergarten class where there was an ant colony we could watch behind glass. My teacher lovingly told me we could not put the big ants with the little ones because they don't get along, so I set them free. Conclusion: Not all ants get along.
  • Because people don't march back & forth forever & a day. Ants don't even acknowledge each other presence.
  • Ants have very structured societies; so much so that, yes!!! They actually wage war against other ant colonies. So never think that we are acting any differently than most other creatures of nature.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      It's true. Even some rain forest tribes (and monkeys too (who also live tribally) have traditions of going out and killing some neighbors at regular intervals. They think it's about making sure their men are trained for war, and death weeds out the weak and yadda. And you gotta wonder, how did an isolated rainforest people get this idea, if it isn't naturally occurring insanity?
    • we are dough 68
      They saw it on the History Channel?
    • Ice man
      ....And so did I.
  • Because we not ants, but I think the main reason is jealousy and greediness and misunderstanding. Not saying everyone should agree, but if we try and understand what is going on in someone's thoughts, it might be easier to see the best in them. If we happy for others instead of jealous, we would say, wow what a beautiful top you have on instead of saying she must be a tramp if I look at her boobs. ( People unfortunately do not see the good in others)
  • Ants war. One way to get rid of ants is to cross contaminate their mounds with each other.
    • beaker95
      I like to watch mounds getting cross-contaminated. (giggles to self and rubs hands lightly together).

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