• Tuberculosis....
  • Johnny Cash said this thing is called "Love". Is that what you mean?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I don't like country music, but there was a comedic genius to that man somehow. It gives me the warm fuzzies just to hear it (Willie Nelson too!).. *singing* "We got married in a fe-ver....long before the fire went out. We had fun with her was hotter than a pepper sprout. We're goin to Jackson. We're gonna mess around!! GIANT HOOK
    • beaker95
      Is a warm fuzz similar to a ring ding....?
  • Oh don't worry about that. It'll fall off after a while.
  • A Sniglet.
    • Estrella Starr
      I like the sound of that word. Lol:)
  • 4-8-2017 It's called a dingalingaling.
  • A little thing called "Love "

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