• Wooff, wooff, pant-pant-pant, wooff, Gerrrrrrr, wooff.
    • beaker95
      Do you get out much....?
    • Anoname
      That translates to : What does J.Lo's butt really smell like?
    • beaker95
      Like everybody elses. Tomato juice and marmite.....
  • What's on your mind??
    • beaker95
      Thank you. If only everyone on here was as kind and considerate as you.....
    • Mrs. C
      You're welcome ... sadly, it's the nature of sites like this. But you keep asking the fun questions!!! They are appreciated.
    • beaker95
      Thank you. Happy April......
  • Can I stroke you?
    • beaker95
      Yeah, if you want. Oh, I see, you were answering the question. Damn.
  • JOKE: Two dumb guys are standing on the sidewalk. A dog saunters up, flops down on his back and starts licking his balls. One guy says to the other, "I wish I could do that!" The other pauses thoughtfully, then replies, "You better pet him first."
  • What's up dawg?
  • How does sandpaper feel?

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