• He has a sore wrist, duh.....
  • He's wearing a fedora, drinking Mountain Dew, and has Cheetos dust all over his fingers.
    • beaker95
      My perfect night in....
  • He's always ogling me when I sit with my legs crossed and one of my shoes dangling.
  • By the number of guys he's been sleeping with.
    • beaker95
      Nice one....
    • Moongrim
    • beaker95
      Are you Italian...?
  • Still has Bay Watch poster over bed. Cat's head is bald from over-petting. Lets mustache grow long and continually sucks it into his mouth. Stares at lingerie longingly, in the department store. Touches it. Has Jergens Lotion on nightstand AND coffee table. Telescope at window. Box of tissues next to it. Doesn't know how to get along right. Calls Mom for advice. TV remote sticky. Labels peeled off bottles. Still collects comic books and toy cars, and displays them proudly, next to life size cardboard model of hot movie chic he managed to get. It seems a bit 'worn'...
    • beaker95
      Would Captain Meow wear a toupee.....?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      LOL. Why not. I already make him wear a cape! ...........
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      You'll have to make the wind noise yourself, when looking at that picture of my caped, flying super-hero type cat. (He flies a little space ship too)(Badly, of course. As we all know, cats are notoriously bad drivers) (Plus mine tends to get stoned a lot, which tends to exacerbate his natural attention deficit (he's a cat) (you know, "Hey, what's that? *bats it* And what's that? Wait, whats this? ") He's fairly safe flying the space ship like this though, as he puts it on auto cat pilot, which is really just a matter of cutting the space wheel all the way to the left, so the ship goes in circles, while he looks at his hand, eats cheetos, and laughs at his own jokes, and toes.) Well, that is he starts out safe doing that. But then the space cops pull him over. And he rolls down the window (I know) and just says..."What?" ..because he's really high, and generally doesn't get a lot of actual universe-saving done most days. Yet still, he is "Captain Meow, Defender of the Universe, etcetera etcetera...." (Seriously, I did actually buy photoshop and a pen tablet when I got him, as I was going to start a website and make millions, drawing a comic strip about my flying superhero cat, and other stuff (and the porn). (the internet is 90% porn) (or so I was told. I haven't actually seen any myself. *kicks discs under chair* *whistles*

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