• The one that broke in "Gravity" that sent George Cloony adrift in space.
    • beaker95
      Nice one... have a donut on me.....
  • life is like a box of chocolate you never know what you're going to get.
    • beaker95
      I like the soft about you...?
  • R2D2 - "Beep bop boop beep beep beep".
    • beaker95
    • Anoname
  • Torn between two, "I'll be back" and "Go ahead make my day"
    • beaker95
      Both classics, too.....
  • What movie was it with the guy literally kicking someone out the back of a plane, and he goes "I've....had enough...of YOU!" ?
    • Hardcore Conservative
      Star Trek 3
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      yay! Thank you. I've been looking for that for years. I thought it was in an airplane for some reason, which stymied my search. .............................................. That's a scene that resonates with a lot of people (even if they're not aware why) because we've all had someone or something along the way that festered and annoyed and stayed as if it felt it had a right to make our life suck. So, even just vicariously seeing done, what we'd like to do, gives satisfaction. (I'd have cheered, if I'd seen that movie in a theatre.)

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