• The funk band War had a hit in 1978 with a song called "Galaxy". Remember it?
    • beaker95
      Very good...two points for you....
  • The Undertones - Mars Bar
  • "Mounds" by OMG Titties (he was a gospel funk rocker who did Jazz and also Polka Music as a sideline). He played accordion mostly, but was a genius on tambourine, which is not to mention his feats of musical magic on kazoo. Truly OMG Titties is a renaissance man in the field of music.) Hmm, for some reason I can't find the song on youtube. Oh well I'll jes sing it for ya then! And-a one, and-a two, and-a "MOUNDS!!! Big creamy nipply candy bar MOUNDS!! (This sounds better with an actual audio track) (Okay, really it doesn't.) MOUNDS!!! Just like momma's, 'cept your nipples aren't as weird and quite possibly illegal. MOUNDS!!..." Uh, and like that.

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