• There's absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. I'm a bisexual blonde white woman myself. I love having sex with black men and love watching big dark black men having sex with black men. I also love eating out and sucking the tits of other hot blonde white women.
  • You can't. What do you think a person can do? Pray the gay away?
  • You can't. You will just have to accept the fact that he is gay and learn to live with it.
    • mushroom
      Put it this way: what would it take to convince you to "become" gay? It would take the same to convince your son.
  • Pansexual is icky, it means they like everything, from everything to sucking a piece of dog poop.
  • who taught your son the word 'pansexual'? I just learned of it today after reading your question... LOL Is your son in school or is he some kind of 'sexual doctor or expert'?? i wonder if they are allowed to 'experiment' during work/school hours while being supervised.. You know the jobs of teachers and supervisors are there so they can make sure their 'trainees' are getting it right... Have you ever thought of asking your son what goes on in those places where he learns of such sexual behaviors?? But wait.. if he tells, he might be imprisoned for spilling top secret informations... You might have to hire a case cracker to get some information out of him.. To be very honest, I have seen some 'how to put on condom' videos on Youtube that looked like it was a homework assignment.. Filmed with smartphone camera, so it looked like.. Besides, now days, people videotape themselves having sex from their point of view, handing over the camera to the other person, having someone else hold the phone, etc... and then upload it onto the computer. They can get paid by uploading their personal sex videos.. It is the thing now... To video tape your sexual encounter, wherever you have it... hotel rooms, hotel lobbies. school cafeterias.. libraries.. janitor's closets.. cars... buses. trains.. planes... airport bathrooms... all over the place... Pretty soon people will be texting while sexing.. So back to your question... I'd have a sit down talk with him without all the political correct bull talk and ideologies.. heart to heart leaving out presidents' ways of doing things..
    • rooruu
      Showing your son that you care by sharing with him valuable information you know or have found can also show him that you care for his well being.. If you have a talk and say, 'be safe' that is nice.. If you have a talk and say, 'these are the things I found out about unprotected sex', then he will know that you are even more concerned then just saying, 'be safe'. STD'S are were on the increase, I don't know if they still are.. and many STD'S you can get from only skin to skin contact and only mouth to mouth kissing... So being informed and sharing the information with your child will show that you are actively doing something to keep him/her safe from such predators.. both viral and humanly.. you can get herpes from only kissing.. Which Sexually Transmitted Infections Spread by Skin to Skin Contact? -----------
  • WTF is pansexual??
  • I feel sorry for your son. Ok, lemme guess: your son has a girlfriend who is a MtF transgender woman. So, I also feel sorry for her if she's subjected to you.
  • Pansexual- not limited by one's gender or gender identity thus not having any sexual preferences what so ever. A pansexual will willingly do anyone. It's a form of bisexuality not homosexuality. In answer to your question... Don't. Accept your son for what he is. Hate the sin, tolerate the sinning and love the sinner. Forgiveness goes a long way too.

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