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  • If you have difficulty reading the above description, here it is again: I joined it exactly 5 years ago today, my first account was `Legion` & I later created a number of other profiles all named from `Red Dwarf`. I couldn`t access my old profiles at all yet it said the names were already taken. But they were taken by me to begin with. Why did I have to create a brand new profile? Where did all my old accounts go? Were they nuked into atoms by the forces of darkness?
  • They closed it down for reasons I can't remember now. I've no idea where all your old accounts went.
  • According to wikipedia the site closed, and was recently re-started by someone else. IMO, it could use some improvement. -to be able to use bb/code. -to be able to read the question descriptions clearly.
  • Chelsealee says hi

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