• There was a very popular horse among all the horses in the area. He wanted all his friends to do well in the horse show. He gave tips to horses that didn't quite have it together. One horse especially that tripped over his own feet and was sure to come in last place. The two horses shared a fence between two properties. He was able to show the other horse how to stand and walk like he owned it. The favorite to win came from a prestigious horse farm which gave him all the finest training and grooming. Every horse in the show had a past history and the humans were making bets on who would win place and show. All the horses showed exceptionally well over the complaints of the humans who had a lot a stake they accused the horse owners of switching horses, that no horse could have improved that much. Meanwhile the coached horses were all laughing to themselves. The stumbling horse was the last to show and came in like the champion he was. He stole the show the favorite horses humans, were furious. The horse that helped all the other horses continued to be well thought of. Everyone rode off into the sunset happy. hahaha
    • Lucie1614
      Thank you so much!
    • OC Joe
  • Something spills into the water that all the horses drink in their stalls. The result of which can be any plausable reaction you want and horses can: Get the runs from a laxative, all go the sleep, become intoxicated, become crazy horny, etc.. Build a story around that. Maybe a person drinks some of the water and has the same reaction as the horses which is how the mystery is eventually solved.

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