• I only eat seasoned curly fries. I have found none in this state since I have been here. Curly fries yes but not seasoned the way I like them. I'll have to pass on this offer.
    • Anoname
      Arby's curly fries have spice.
  • I don't buy em, I make em, so how much do you want ?. What was the question ?
    • Anoname
      Looking for fries to go with my double hamburgers. Others will be picking at my fries so will anyone be contributing to the fries you'll be swiping out'a my bag ? I intend to keep some for myself.
    • Ice man
      They must be good fries if others are snitchin' them. I understand. : )
  • Just get a larger bag of fries! You're not gonna cry over a fry are you? Cuz that's darned cheap!!

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