• Yes, I agree. : )
  • Would generally agree with you. In many people "poverty" is basically the result of a negative mindset and they will always be impoverished no matter how much you give them. On another level there is very little real poverty in the U.S. and often it is a lifestyle choice not to work more than anything. I volunteer feeding urban poor and homeless people and most of them are as proud and finicky as anyone.
  • But how poor would we be without liberty and the pursuit of happiness? And since poverty is judged by comparison there will always be poverty. However our Democratic republic and capitalism has produced the highest standard of living the world has ever known. If we loose that the socialists who claim to love everyone will be the only ones in the upper class. They will be the ruling class then. Just look around everyone pushing for socialism are those who made their money off the capitalistic system! They wouldn't have been able to earn their fortune in a socialist economy. And if they really cared they'd be using their own money to defeat poverty not asking for taxpayer money! There is nothing belevolent about giving away SOMEONE ELSE'S money!
  • Being wealthy or not is usually just a mindset. If you had a rich man and a poor man and you took away all of their money and split it evenly, the poor man would be 99% likely to end up giving his half back to the rich man anyway. and the rich man would be more than happy to take it. It's not really about how much you have as much as it is about what you do with it.

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