• Not any more, I've lost a lot of pictures because of problems with hard drives, and shit. I have two big shoe boxes and a few old albums full of old photos. I've since brought back to life my old 35mm and continue my old collection , but I'm missing about 10 important years worth.
    • Boola Boo
      That is a big loss. : ( My computer was stolen with a lot of family picture on it. It is horrible way to lose them. I have a few family pictures on my current computer but am not sure if I should leave them there.
    • Ice man
      I would recommend that you copy all your digital photos onto CD's and keep them in a safe place. That way if your hard drive goes south (like mine) or your computer gets stolen(like yours), you still have all your photos and can load them onto your next computer.
  • I don't keep any pictures in my computer. I print a copy of the photos that I take and place them in a photo album. You can do a search on the Internet for online storage sites.
  • Ever since my first computer went into hard drive failure, and three years of research was lost, I don't keep squat on my computer. Everything important goes direct to flashdrive. The only stuff on my PC is the stuff I was too lazy to delete, after putting it on flashdrive. Needless to say, ransomware is a joke to me.
  • I don't keep a lot of pictures by choice - it's more like "accumulate" pictures that I'm too lazy to delete. Storage? I could advise on a lot of things, but picture storage is not one of them. [] (Anyone know where I can get a virtual maid?)
  • yes but I back them up
  • yes but I back them up to the cloud
  • I don't have a lot , but I do have a few,
  • I have most of them on DVD but also have them on a flash drive for quicker access. I lost a lot of information and photos on floppy discs. I didn't know floppies have a limited life.

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