• Oh hell yes. If you drink enough Tequila it's like having an open line direct to heaven. : )
  • Anything can be spiritual depending on how you hold it. But I wouldn't mistake its effects for anything like spiritual enlightenment.
  • mm..ok well first you have to drink it , copiously, for many years, until your life sucks. Then the AA meetings, the abstinence, and the "spiritual books" you had to buy because you couldn't go along with "the god thing". But then years go by and still you wonder 'What the hell did I quit drinking for? They told me it would make my life BETTER!' So you go back to argue with them, and end up volunteering and helping, and you gain the insight that step 12 is real, but you're like a retard who had to go through ALL THAT just to learn such a simple obvious basic thing. And at last you realize it's all just a state of mind, and you could have done something else instead!

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