• Mine recall a metal lunch boxes as a kid. Now I love the fabric kind that's made of the wet suit material.
  • I didn't have a lunchbox, I carried my lunch in paper or fabric bags.
  • Metal with a thermos in the lid. I broke the thermos almost every week. I think I cost my dad many dollars when I was a kid
  • Metal with raised images of whatever character the lunchbox was of. I seem to remember a Six Million Dollar Man lunchbox. Those types are collectables now. Wish I still had the ones I had back then.
  • They have evolved over the years, and exactly in the order that you mentioned. The latest version doubles as a mini/portable beer cooler, and holds 8 cans of beer & a little ice to keep them puppies cool when you're on the move at biker events. Running out is a drag, if ya know what I mean. ; )

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