• Just listen for a few minutes. then ask that person if he wants to eat something. If he say yes, buy him and for you too. while waiting in the counter act as if you forgot something important that you need to go asap. haha! if he say he's not hungry pretend that you're hungry/ thirsty that you want to buy something or to get something you need. Then do the same thing. (that's how i always cut my talkative friends. :))
  • sometimes. if i'm not that busy. I just let them tell everything they want. I let them talk until they realized that they're tired of talking haha. i'm a good listener. And i'm happy that they share they're moments with me. :)
  • I don't even try. If they want my company let them talk themselves out or learn to be more judicious.
  • "I have to go now, you are boring me senseless"....
  • Just tell them to shut up. Lol, jk
  • I recently said to a boring person: "well that's enough about you, now I'll talk about me".
    • Roaring
      Honest and direct. Yes!
  • Tell me, I mean tell them *blink* you have to go "pot a plant". It makes no sense and stuns them a little, giving you time to walk away.
    • beaker95
      I like potting plants.....
  • By farting.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      Farting is good. I like farting. I try to do it often. Except when company comes over, of course. Then I hold it in, and in, and in, till finally they leave and I have to fart so hard and long that I blow all around the room like a deflating balloon. *blink*

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