• Not knowing the rest of the story makes it hard to answer. Most businesses rely on repeat business to stay alive. They usually care very much about keeping their clientele happy. Happy customers means repeat customers, which translates into profit for the company. I would think you were poorly treated by an employee who doesn't like his minimum wage job. I would also think you spoke to another minimum wage airhead at a call center who could care less about anything other than finishing their shift and going to the bar. My bet would be that you got a satisfactory response when you spoke to the management directly. Right ?
    • Anoname
      They were surprised to hear about it. The employee will now get a slap on the wrist.
  • Care about what? I would guess they have lots of cares they need to deal with constantly and in this case it came down to whether a customer taking offense at and complaining about something an employee did was more vital and important to them than having a decent employee willing to work for what they pay him. Maybe they thought the district manager was overworked and wouldn't take it well and make things difficult for others in the company. Many considerations. Maybe they figure anyone who would complain about an attendant maybe doesn't have much of a life at all. Not good to overemphasize our power in the greater scheme of things. If you don't like the treatment perhaps you should just go somewhere else and complain about them. Just trying to point out other possible points of view.
    • Anoname
      May you never have to be treated like dirt and get ignored about it.

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