• It does happen and when it does....It's a Perfect Day ☺️
  • When there is no reference, perfection is presence and timeless.
  • It's against the law. Haha just kidding. If you can get past all the little things that annoy ... then a day will be much better. ; )
    • Satisfied Pilgrim
      It is against the law -- Murphy's, that is.
    • Ice man
      Haha, yes exactly.
  • Please understand - that is if "perfect" to you is having everything go your way - that everyone else has his or her own ideas of what "perfect" is for them. So just numerically and realistically can't be "perfect" for everyone all the time! But I try to make mine perfect whatever happens by the way I handle what comes my way and how I hold things and see things and how I interact with and treat other people and how I use my time and what resources God has given me. Then every day, if not "perfect", is pretty darn good.
  • This truly depends on your perception of a perfect day, many days are meteorologically "perfect" for certain things while that specific day could be a terrible day for your mental, phisical, and intellectual bio curves... thus in the inverse of first said, your bio curves could be in the top 95% and be meteorologically terrible. "Perfect" Days exist, just all depends on the views of the person classifying it.

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