• That's because you are a cat.
  • 3-7-2017 No. There is nobody here. All questions and answers are fraudulent.
  • thats because it is the most boring and stupid site ever... it doesn't even have a proper notification system (just emails) and they still don't let you know if someone replied to you in a comment.
    • Queen Chelsea
      Skunky i have to agree i was on the old AB for 7 years it looks like every question has been bought back to life from 10 years ago, looks boring and useless
  • Yes, I do. It's only boring when there's no one around to play with. The more of us that actually stick around - the better the site will get. : )
  • People haven't rediscovered it yet and it's new version is in it's infancy. Give it some time.

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