• Have you ever heard of the ancient Greeks ?
  • 3-4-2017 In ancient Greece, only slaves went to school, to learn how to be better slaves. Free citizens educated their children at home by hiring tutors. Classes were conducted while walking outside. That is why a teacher is called a pedagogue; the word means "foot leader". The slave school system was followed in Rome, and then adopted in India where it was used for lower castes. Then it was adopted in Prussia to train soldiers. Prussia made the only change to the system, conducting classes while seated inside. Eventually the system was adopted for public schools in USA and England. Here are a book and an essay to help you understand: "The Lost Tools of Learning" http:// "The Underground History Of Public Education "
  • The idea of school and other highly beneficial concepts were gifted to us by the Gods in ancient times. Christianity and other monotheistic programs are used as tools to keep the population spiritually deprived and the power in the hands of those at the top. Satan and the other Gods (such as the Greek Gods etc) love humanity, and see monotheism as the root of all evil - the Bible defames them and calls them "demons", and people are told to avoid them at all costs.Learn the TRUTH:
  • Schools of some sort have always existed where there were communities. Schooling means to pass down common knowledge to the next generation. A parent would teach a child to hunt or forage, but there were specialists who could teach at a higher level. Therefore, all children in the community would be gathered to watch these experts teach their skills. That is the origin of the school

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