• I guess "brainwashed" in the sense that of course they are very influenced left-leaning college teachers, journalism, and pop culture. But I think there are many of them who really think they are trying to do the right thing and the result is sort of a hardening and politicization of what would once have been simply polite and respectful codes of conduct. Which were once personal but that they have made political. Please try and understand that as people lose their religious faith they lose the hope that their faith traditionally brought them and then they try and politicize all that they deem otherwise important thus shifting the onus from personal conduct to government. They try to make government reflect and strengthen what was once their personal codes of proper behavior. Which is liberalism at its best in spite of the fact that I think mostly they don't choose to see the costs and results of such a system. They just think in terms of OK this is right, that is "right", etc. etc. and they are led by a sentimental feeling of moral "rightness" which is very personal but just cannot work governmentally since government is not a person! Which though they want it to be so they pass everything to the government so the government will reflect their personal feelings and act for them rather than them acting for themselves. In other words they try to institutionalize and governmentalize things like charity, compassion, acceptance, conformity , "diversity" and so on. Coming from a more negative posture there are many liberals who are more bent on tearing down than building up. And for them "equality" means everyone has to be the same, make the same amount of money, have the same things, the same knowledge, the same morals etc.. Such people are suspicious of anything that smacks of success and hard work and sacrifice. Basically they are envious of such things and rather than learn from and emulate success, hard work, and sacrifice, they end up hating it and just seek to tear it down. Only because they have not been able or willing to achieve it for themselves for whatever reasons. Including their own laziness. And so their ultimate becomes government totalitarianism in which the government controls everything. Without really thinking about or being able to understand just what a government does or how it does it or with what resources. So they place their faith in "government" instead of in God or in themselves and sit back and expect a share of the pie which they have been taught to believe by liberal politicians that is their "right". Then there is what I think of a "victim" liberalism which approaches society in terms of groups of historically "oppressed" peoples, for whatever reasons, and seeks to seek justice retroactively for them by establishing what is basically a two-tiered system of society where the so-called victim groups are "entitled" to government breaks and benefits and are not held to the same level of accountability as non-victim (and hence "oppressor") portions of society. Each victim group, be they women, "workers", blacks, Spanish-speaking people, immigrants, illegal immigrants, Native Americans, union members, etc, etc. however has its own plan for itself that is insisted upon and becomes a law unto itself because in thinking of themselves just from the point of view of "oppression" they ignore the functioning of society as a whole. So it all becomes just a load of special interests. To be catered to by the government so funded by those of us who pay the taxes which is seen as some kind of justice because we are identified as the "oppressors" according to their vague systems of thought. I was once a liberal and really still am in the context of what that meant in the 1970s. Now without change in values I am identified as a "conservative" because liberalism in seeking to be everything to everybody and accommodate so many points of view just became extremely radical and went off the deep and impractical end. And became a kind of monster hating and mowing down everything in its path including itself.

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