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  • Simply put, Y intercept is the point where any function cuts the Y-axis. If you see the Cartesian coordinate system, you will realize that at any point on the Y-axis, the value of x is zero. So to answer your question, you need to put x=0 in f(x). The answer is -1
  • 3-30-2017 You need help to present that statement correctly. It might be f(x) = -32(2)^(x-3) + 3 or it might be f(x) = -32(2)^(x)-3 + 3 or it might be a couple of other things. We are not supposed to have to guess at what you mean. "Y intercept" means the value when x=0. Assuming the first interpretation, f(x) = -32(2)^(x-3) + 3 we plug in a zero: f(x) = -32(2)^(0-3) + 3 and get f(x) = -32 x (1/8) + 3 and that equals -1.

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