• Dear John or The Longest Ride
    • Ice man
      Thanks : )
    • Mountain Momma
      Good ones!
  • 2-27-2017 How To Train Your Dragon
    • Ice man
      Another good one, thanks. : )
  • My Favorite Year with Peter O'Toole.
    • Ice man
      Peter O'Toole played a good drunk. lol Thanks : )
  • "The Outlaw Josey Wales" ...The last time I watched it was aired on "History Channel' so I'm thinking some of the events (of that time) could be factual.
    • Ice man
      Another great Eastwood movie. I'm sure the characters are fictional, but I could easily believe some of the elements were based on fact. Thanks : )
  • A Childs Christmas In Wales. From the 80s. Every Christmastime.
    • Ice man
      This is one I haven't seen before, which is exceptional. I'll have to hunt it down, and give it a watch. Thanks : )
    • officegirl
      1986 is the date and it stars Denholm Elliot. I have a Hen's Tooth Video DVD. An Akkiance Atlantis production in association with HTV Limited, Cypress Films, WTTW/Chicago and The Global Television Network. Filmed in Wales. Lovely film.
  • Joe vs. The Volcano
    • Ice man
      Ah yes, a young Tom Hanks & the always gorgeous Meg Ryan. Another good one to re-watch !! : )
    • Anoname
      I always thought Tom Hanks should've stuck with comedy. I think he sucks as a "serious" actor. With a few exceptions - of course. Those were more great scripts than acting.
  • Edward Scissorhands
    • Ice man
      As much as I like Johnny Depp, I don't think I'd want him cutting my hair. : )
    • Linda Joy
  • Guardians of the Galaxy and Galaxy Quest are equal.
    • Ice man
      I missed those, guess I'll have to hunt them down. Thanks
    • Thinker
      Saw Guardians of the Galaxy in IMAX when my nephew wanted to see it. I didn't know what the film was until it started. I wish I could have left as it was nothing but violence of almost every kind.
    • Bleurgh
      ... with a kickass soundtrack, great humor, and visually stunning. Thinker, did you know it was a Marvel superhero movie when you went into the theater?
    • Thinker
      I could care was stupid violence. you can not praise it enough to compensate for all the killing and murder as well as destruction. A totally worthless useless movie made to tantalize and weaken minds.
    • Bleurgh
      If you went into it knowing it was a Marvel superhero movie, you got what you asked for.
  • SpiceWorld
    • Ice man
      Okay, too spicy for me. lol Thanks
  • Quarentine. I usually hate "shakey cam" but they did it right and the story rocks.
    • Ice man
      Like you, I don't go for the "shaky cam" thing and usually stop watching after the first 15 minutes. Thanks
  • koreanovelas (all of them and you better try one as well) japanese movies as well. Anime too are great. You better watch too YOUR NAME. .
    • Ice man
      Thanks. I've seen "Iceman"(1984) if that's the one you mean. I just found a sample of koreanovelas on youtube. They aren't for me, but I can see how some people would like them. I was surprised to learn they have such a big Filipino following. I had no idea that many South Koreans made up part of the Filipino community. I just learned something new, so today is a good day, thanks to you ! ( I also think that might be a big hint to something I asked you yesterday) ; )
    • Myang
      Yesh! You caught me! Congratulations! haha hmm. *Iceman (1984)? did you base your profile name on that movie? ^^
    • Myang
      But there are lot of actions in SK as well. TRAIN TO BUSAN
    • Ice man
      No I didn't take my name from the movie. I was given my name for driving my trucks on the frozen ice up in the arctic.
    • Myang
      oh. Okay! i just coincidentally connect your name in the movie you've said. haha i wonder too how it feels to be like that. Driving a vehicle in the arctic . wow
  • Any of Hayao Miyazaki's animated features, like Howls Moving Cattle, My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke etc..........
    • Ice man
      Sorry, not really my for me. Although very popular with the younger crowd.
  • Not movies, but TV productions. 1. Centennial and 2. Random Passage (Canadian).
  • please see link
    • Ice man
      Sorry, not really my thing. Thanks
    • Roaring
      What a cool way of listing your favorites! My sister really enjoys the Korean shows on public Tv.
    • beautyatourhome
      try to watch them you fall in love with these movies.
  • Hitchcock's 'Rebecca'. I don't know how many times I have watched it.
    • Ice man
      If I'm not mistaken that was Hitchcock's first American production.
    • Scotslass
      It was, despite being set in England.
  • The Big Lebowski, Jean de Florette, Mannon in the Spring,
    • Ice man
      Cool. Thanks.
  • As Good As It Gets.
    • Ice man
      Jack Nicholson, one of my favorite actors since I first saw him in "Easy Rider". Thanks..
    • beaker95
      You are very welcome....
  • oh I have many...The Red Shoes A Place in the Sun Gentlemen Prefer Blondes GWTW Psycho Prince of the CIty All about Eve and oh, so many more!!!! thank goodness for DVDs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yay!!!!) LOL :-D
  • Spaceballs still cracks me up. Even now it made me laugh just thinking about it.
  • The Little Rascals......
    • Ice man
      Oh yeah !! I loved that one too. Thanks for mentioning it, I'm putting it on my re-watch list. : )
  • Lonesome Dove
    • Ice man
      Another good old western I haven't seen in years ... I'll have to give it a watch next week. Thanks.
    • Mountain Momma
      You're welcome!

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