• This was before I got here. It gets like that sometimes doesn't it? How have you been, Ice man? Is your busy season coming up? Did you enjoy your summer?
  • Hey Iceman :-)
  • I'm almost never here during the weekends, if that was when you posted it.
    • Linda Joy
      This is from before I came to answerbag. I saw it in the bread crumbs on another question.
  • When It's nice out I'm outside working and playing, a bike ride or walk or working.
  • I've been pretty busy lately. Don't visit AB as much when things are hectic.
  • they might just be busy
  • I am usually very busy ; being an Indian I have my whole lot of subjects, 3 -4 languages ( Hindi, Sanskrit, English, French ) to learn, then I also read so many books. I am also a fan of Hollywood movies ( specially horror ones ) and English songs, and I do read a lot of mystery and do basic psychology. I am also on Pinterest, where I love making boards. Then I have to read other information sources, and now my brother (a software engineer) says that I should start Coding ( the process of making web pages using computer languages like css, html, javascript etc.) I am so tired, it's hard to keep up on answerbag as well, but still, to increase my exposure I have to do that as well.
  • I went to the bathroom, but I was the only one in there so I can't account for anyone else.
    • Linda Joy

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