• Revenge never worked for me. It would either backfire on me or I'd feel guilty about it. The biggest revenge is moving on and moving forward with your life. All the friends I had in the teens and twenty are not my friends today. None of the people back then matter now. None.
  • 2-26-2017 God claims revenge is His. He wants to handle those people His own way.
  • Don't bother with it. (Romans 12:19) "Do not avenge yourselves, beloved, but yield place to the wrath; for it is written:
  • Holding on to anger and resentment only hurts you. Revenge is not ours to take. The almighty will take revenge. Just try to work on forgiving, i know its hard, not even i can do it. Its difficult but its the only way. Forgive and you will feel 1000% better. You must forgiveand move on and if you do whats right, you will see your enemies downfall in time, but the secret is not to rejoice in anything bad happening to others. Cause life Goes on and you cant keep dwelling on the past. You must conquer your wrath and build strong doraimon at the last... good luck my friend ill see you around here
    • Jewels Vern
      I can forgive a snake for being a snake, but I'm not going to shake hands with it. Because, you know, it's still a d*m snake.

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