• 2-7-2017 Ill mannered lout. Jerk. Many names apply.
    • Ice man
      All true, thanks.
  • Bigot.
    • Ice man
      That's absolutely 100% correct and the cutie in the blue knickers wins the best answer of the day award !! [the crowd goes wild cheering & clapping their hands! ] lol : ) Thanks.
    • Crazychick
      Thanks, Ice man. :)
  • Stubborn, argumentative, pigheaded, and various other words like that.
    • Ice man
      All very true. Thanks
  • ignorant (they make assumptions based off of someone elses words or based off of preconceived notions of who people are) they judge people before they even know them, these assumptions are terrible accusations of ignorant thinking and usually place people in categories before these individuals even show their true colors. So being ignorant is what id consider this. Im a firm believer that you dont know something unless you witness it first hand, any recollection or retelling of certain events already have bias representation and bias opinions that can be false or misconstrued because of misunderstanding. Dont be ignorant, do your own research and understand people and things from your own persepective. (thats why people get culture shock, they have false preconcieved notions of how people are) (this is a truth for muslims and other falsely accused people being categorized by the actions of a very small few.) dont be ignorant.
    • C3Po
      In other words they dislike or are scared of something they dont fully understand
    • Ice man
      Well said ! Thanks..
  • "Uninformed"
    • Ice man
      Actually the bigoted person person that I'm talking about doesn't want to listen to the informed people who have his best interest at heart. Thanks
  • Nosmo Chick.

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