• Hahaha It's one of the old tunes I have on the CD's I keep in the car.
    • Azlotto
      Thanks, Ice man. I also like classic tunes ; )
  • Not particularly. The 60s was well before my time (I was born in the 80s) but I like some of the Motown music from the 60s. I like "My Guy" by Mary Wells and "Dancing In The Street" by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Those are 60s tunes, aren't they?
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Feb. 05
    • Crazychick
      Do you like Motown, RareCatch? My husband (who i older than me) likes it. I like some of it myself, especially the upbeat dancey tunes like those two I named. :)
    • Azlotto
      Thanks, Crazychick.

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