• 9-4-2017 Words and phrases that rhyme with seven: (46 results) * 2 syllables: beavan, bevan, beven, bevin, cheven, chevin, chevon, devan, deven, devin, devon, devyn, evan, evin, evon, evzone, geven, heaven, heavin, jw trevan, kevan, kevin, kevyn, leaven, levain, levan, levin, nevin, plevin, previn, sevin, slevin, stevan, stevin, sweven, tevin, yeven * 3 syllables: eleven, estefan, mcgrevin, mcnevin, replevin * 4 syllables: seventh heaven, tree of heaven, vault of heaven * 5 syllables: manna from heaven ** Example from "The Countess Cathleen In Paradise" by William Butler Yeats: * 'Mong the feet of angels seven * What a dancer glimmering! * All the heavens bow down to Heaven, * Flame to flame and wing to wing. * 1 of 100+ examples
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