• According to what I read, yes it is malware. Copy and paste the following link to read the explanation of what it is and what it will do.
    • Christopher999
      My god. Virus Sweeper is a fake anti-virus program!
    • Christopher999
      Is this your site:
    • Ice man
      No I do not own I am just another internet user who has encountered various types of malware disguised as anti-virus type cleaners. They are usually hard to get rid of because they install themselves into several areas inside your computer, making their removal difficult. I have learned the hard way to be suspicious of everything, and do some research before downloading anything. If you are using Virus Sweeper I suggest you Google 'Virus Sweeper" and read what others have to say about it. The thing I liked about enigmasoftware was that they tell you where you have to look to remove all parts of the fake anti-virus program.

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