• Probably because Americans rarely say mathematics -- too lazy. And if we shortened it to math and added an S, that would mean a whole 'nother letter we'd have to write. 😁😁😁
    • Keble Bolly-Jocksford
      In that case, bUzztard, why do so many Americans insert rogue apostrophes where they don't belong? For example, typing "it's" when it should say "its", or using apostrophes to pluralise words. What is that all about, and doesn't it contradict what you said in your answer?
  • 1-29-2017 There is no reason for the way people talk. They just make familiar noises and everybody acts like they know what that means. The English speak of the back end of a car as "the boot". That seems bonkers, but it's not: it's just the way they talk. They know what they mean.

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