• I would be very shocked, and I would report them to the police.
  • Leave a note for them the next time I leave..."Please pay your half of the rent - The Management".
    • PeggyL
      My guess is that you would have much more to say than that.
  • I saw a movie like that , and that is sooooo wild - I'd be scared to death - I'd causally leave the house on go to the police station and report it +5
  • Ask him/her to buy me some more food. Aside from that, no big deal. I don't even lock my doors when I'm away. If someone wants to get in, usually to steal something, not live there), they will get in if they want to. Leaving the door unlocked avoids broken windows, doors etc.
  • I would make sure that they had access to some cleaning supplies so they could at least earn their keep for sharing my dwelling and eating food out of my fridge. If you want to crash at my place, at least help with some chores.
  • This actually happened to a woman in North Carolina few years ago. She went to Europe and when she came back in three weeks, a woman had moved into her house, redecorated and was living there. Weird! I would set about booby trapping the place a al Home Alone movies. The invaders would wish they had sought another refuge.
  • I wouldn't mind, unless they hang their pants up when they go to the bathroom (no other mammal wears pants when going to the bathroom) and then passes out when they go to the bathroom because of a medical condition.
  • 2 words:booby trap :D
  • My security cameras are motion detector activated, except for one that is constant on ... they send copies of their data to a web site where they are stored as files with the same name as the date/time. If someone were living here, there would be pics of them ... some evidence for the cops. They should be able to ID and locate him, and then nail him for unlawful entry and petty theft ... but IF the cops do not get him, then as a Ninja, I am very good at setting traps, and with pics showing the intruder's size, I can tailor make something to fit him using some UV marker dye, crazy glue, and a smoke pellet to set off the fire / smoke alarm so my neighbor will call 911 ...
  • I would feel EXTREMELY freaked out. I would probably really freak out. That's an extreme invasion of privacy- that would break my trust in things, because home is usually where I feel the most safe. What if I came home a little early once and saw that person there?! I would be very angry- I would want to know where they got the key. I would feel bad that the person didn't have another place to live, but I work for my stuff, and my place to live. I don't just hand my stuff out to people. I don't reward laziness. If he's creative and resourceful enough to "break into" my apartment (that's on the 4th floor, and in a secure building), they can get a damn job. Especially since there's only stairs, so they wouldn't be disabled. Depending on how I found this person, I'd probably swing first and ask questions later- once they woke up, and the cops were there.
  • Somebody would be getting killed. Forget booby traps, I'm gonna kill this person myself. This is why you don't forget what your parents told you: "Never mess with a dangerous lunatic."
  • I would pretend to leave, wait in a place where I could see the house for them to move in, and then surprise them. We would then have a little conversation which would inform me what to do next. I do not recomend this for other people - just me. For most I'd recomend that the police handle that.
  • I would leave a donation jar so they could secretly leave money to help pay the electricity, I'd also stay home all weekend to see if I could get a glimpse of them scoping out the place to see when I'd leave.
  • I am sure I'd be a tad nervous :>
  • I would freak out. At work, I alternate between day and night shifts, and it's not an easy pattern for the untrained eye to figure out...If they were coming into my home when I wasn't here, it means they had done some serious observing/stalking before hand to figure out my schedule. I would call the cops for sure! If I walked (or woke up) and found them here,I would likely beat them with the little bat I keep under my bed.
  • I would make sure i retrieved the key and they NEVER entered my home again. I could not stand that invasion of privacy. I would change all my locks and if that did not sort the matter out I would go to the police.
  • Well, first I'd wonder how they managed to eat my food without me noticing. Second, I'd wonder why they weren't using the house of someone who regularly left instead of someone who is home a great majority of the time. Third, would really depend on who they were and why they were there.
  • This is why you always change the locks when you move into a place. I'd call the cops and file charges for burglary (a felony with a possible sentence of 5-99 years here).
  • I would bake them a cake. A many-layered, tall, beautiful cake. It would have thick layers of frosting between the layers of cake, and have no decorations other than random swirls of thick creamy frosting on the top and sides. I would remove a thick wedge and discard it because I wouldn't want to eat it myself, because the frosting would consist mostly of chocolated laxative. I would seal all doors leading from the main accessible area shut except one bathroom, and remove all furnishings into the sealed rooms except for a dining table and a chair, and be prepared to do a clean-up when I returned.
  • So you have a friend like mine too huh? No, just kidding, I would be very upset knowing that someone was in my house without me knowing (besides my one crazy friend who has my key). I would definitely find a way to catch them in the act so I could call the police on them.
  • Leave them some beer.My motto is "Mi casa es su casa"
  • I am psycho over my bed. I cannot stand the thought of a stranger sleeping on my sheets and laying their head on my pillows! I would probably borrow my friend's dog. She is a beautiful Akita who would quietly lie in wait for them. She is awesome and would not make a sound until their entrance and their smell hit her as strange peeps. They would never, ever..ever ever ever.. come back again after meeting Anna.
  • Because I am retired (home a lot) it would be difficult but because I'm old I may not notice!
  • theyre tresspassing, i would probably tell the police about it
  • We call them "millenial kids" in modern English,
  • I'd setup a camera first and record them. Then change the locks.
  • First of all I'd call the police. I'd listen to the explanations given to the police and then act upon what I thought of those explanations. It would have to be a wonderful explanation for them to get away with all that. Just knowing that someone had had the ability to occupy my home without my knowledge or permission would give me shivers down my spine.
  • id be scared and ring the cops lol
  • It's easy to change the locks.
  • Something similar actually happened to a friend of mine 😆 He found a well established bum nest in his basement. Complete with empty liquor bottles stolen from his kitchen. He thinks the guy was coming and going from the egress window and knew his work schedule. He put his stuff outside by the street, locked his windows, and changed the locks.
  • it's probably my house settling, but when I hear noises, that's exactly what it feels like, like somebody else is living in my house! I thought I was nuts for thinking this. LOL! Thank you! LOL! Oh, and I would be absolutely appalled and angry as hell! I'd pull out a gun and make them pay me.
  • I'm never 'away' except for medical appointments and to get groceries. And its not predictable enough for a scenario like that. I don't have a problem with sharing my stuff. But my lease says no one else can stay for more than 3 days out of a 30 day period. I might get a little pissed if they ate my food, but I'd be more upset if the went through my stuff.

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