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  • Are you referring to that Francesca's Pizza site? Sexual Power for Woman by Georgeann Cross? There were some women on the old AB who were into that. No I want to be desired not "obeyed". That is more it seems for certain types of women more sexually sensitive. I don't fancy the idea of men begging for it.
    • dorat
      Honestly. I don't know.... This is the site: I cannot find an author or title but I don't believe - not that I go looking for this kind of thing on a regular basis - that I have ever seen anything on a topic like this that seems so comprehensively documented. Unusual, I grant you that. Every now and then my gf and I like a little, for lack of a better term, role reversal, but this looks to be something of an entirely different order. Well, I hope my gf doesn't get any ideas...I just don't look that good in a leather collar and on the end of a leash. Cheers and good to hear from you. Hope all is well.

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