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  • No, it is not weird. It is probably less the sight of your nude body, per se, than what your mind does imagining your nude body with someone. Your nudity becomes suggestive of sex and that turns you on. It also suggests that you have a healthy body self-image, which on the whole, if it does not go too far, is a good thing. Besides, understand what is happening to you. You are 14 and are nearing your sexual prime. (A male's sexual prime is about ages 16 to 24 or thereabouts.) Your sperm count is rising and your hormones are raging and at 14 your emotional development to handle all of that is still somewhat underdeveloped. Basically nudity of any kind is apt to set you off. Your nudity is especially provocative because it is the most accessible. You see you naked and your brain thinks, "instant gratification." Chances are, as you get older and you mature emotionally, this will pass. For now, relax. You are as normal and as healthy as any teen aged male.
    • WorldOpenSkies2222
      Okay, thank you. :)

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