• The semen, of course. Lol:)
    • we are dough
      How do you know...?
    • mushroom
      The classic joke: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? A: The chicken, of course. Eggs can't come. Now, scientists have examined 600-million-year-old egg fossils of some sort of worm-like creature. So, whatever eventually became what we know as a chicken would have hatched from the egg of its not-quite-a-chicken predecessor.
  • they probably both canne at the sanne tinne
    • Roaring
      That's my answer too : )
  • OK, let's examine this logically. First, the question itself is faulty because it assumes there is a pattern or order to the two in order for them to exist. Technically speaking, eggs can and do exist whether sperm does or not. In fact, women produce eggs once a month regardless of whether sperm exists (really, we could apply this to any female species that has the ability to produce eggs, even hens can lay eggs without them being fertilized just like women do). But...the only way to produce sperm is through some sort of sexual action. It doesn't exist without some sort of ejaculation. It does not exist automatically like the egg. Now, if we think about this biblically and if that's what you believe in (cough...fairy tales), the question is still faulty because neither Adam nor Eve were created through sperm and egg.
  • I can be a little premature so I usually jackoff first so I can go longer. :P

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