• So my question is what is the most easy or best free or best paid or just another good way to get made a movie if we forget the expensive and so i have these options in my head right now please feel free to add options to what i could do to fulfill my desire? here is a short description of the movie i wanna make: i wanna make an anime movie/series which is looking like half anime style and half realistic and a lot of awesome effects and everything but one of the other most difficult thing that i haven't found out yet is that i want to make a 3d animated anime series that look half 3d and 2d the hole time and then at the same time make it so the characters can move pretty fast and then i say fast i mean very very very fast but without it looking bad at the same time here is a short version of the story i wanna make a movie out of: it's about a boy that's Named Saisoku Phomson that have hated to live he's whole life and the only thing that makes him just a little bit happy to live is a girl Named Mia Mushi that he loves but are not really in love with her and he's much shy and depressed the first day of school after Christmas 2014 and the year is now 2015 january 2 and Saisoku dreams about a girl named Sena Besuto that is his dream girl and that he will meet her at the school he goes to the next day in a weird way and after that she fights him because a mistake and he and she finds out that they are in a dangerous situation where they have to save the world from ending because of Saisoku's father has once tried to destroy the worlds because of someone murdered his wife cause some researchers tried of some kind experiments with her body in a old research facility in front of Saisoku' Father because the researchers was trying to develop a new kind of human that could make the human immortal but it only killed her with a explosion from indside her body then they tried to implant the Bioguki which is the stuff that the human have found below surface and now Saisoku's father is trying to destroy the world because he want to obtain immortality which only can be achievet by reconstruct the worlds and then build a new one and that then everything get's pretty werid and interesting options: 1. i could make a program that i could understand to make my movie (if i could program which i can't) 2. i could hire people to make the movies/episodes (which i do not have the money to do right now) 3. i could make it all myself (but that would take my whole life if not more) problems: i don't know what to start with and i want more people to help me with making it but non of my friends are willing to help me cause my they don't have the same interest as me which i think is a bad reason for not helping me and plus i got no money or experience in any of these things of making a movie or series ps i'm only 16 years almost 17 years old and if there's nothing i can do now please tell me what i could do to prepare meself and all that stuff so i can al least have a highere chance of actually make some kind of awesome movies or episodes

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