• Listing some the main points which are counted as best strategies for small business promotion on Social Media... #1: Identify Business Goals #2: Set Marketing Objectives #3: Identify Your Target Audience #4: Research Your Competition #5 Choose your social networks #6 Fill out your profiles completely #7 Find your tone of voice #9 Pick your posting strategy
  • If you starting a business you know your goals, marketing goals like this stuff. first of all create a your business website SEO friendly and later try to create good content and post frequently. first to promote through social media is join in different groups in all the social media platforms where ever your product is relevant and don't bang the group with your product adds. just be active in the group and try to engage with the members and post your product occasionally when ever you think it is relevant. start create a page about your product and write the interesting things related to your product and try to be active and reply to all. try to write a blog related your product and simply give a link in all the social media pages. If you have low amount to create a website i think this app is useful for you to create a website and manage all the above stuff easily. if you have any doubts try this video
  • What I tend to recommend to my clients is to exhaust all the "free" strategies before going for the paid. Many a small business I've seen go to wall simply because they spend too much on advertising and marketing. You would rather have a handful of regular, engaged customers than a massive untargeted mailing list. Social Media is not about selling or marketing - ignore the "experts" who say different. Social media from a business perspective is about audience engagement and lead qualifying for later targeting with more specialist tools.

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