• Most of the world does not even know what ice cream is. When immigrants were served ice cream at Ellis Island, they spread it on their toast.
    • Pattijo
      Wow that is interesting Jewels , ty for that info
    • Ice man
      Well they couldn't have been too badly off if they had toast AND ice cream !! lol
  • Cone Waffle butter pecan ... since I don't know what '' decadent '' means ? lol
    • Ice man
      I think it means Waffle Cone butter pecan before lunch & I'm in. lol
  • What is decadent? Dec. 01
    • Ice man
      It's either a bit naughty or a damn good ice cream cone. : )
  • Whatever your taste buds desire....
    • Ice man
      Okay , then it's ice cream all around. Thanks

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