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  • Whatever floats your boat. :)
  • What is bad is that you would use such a meaningless term. We all have the ability to engage in and enjoy sex play with men or women if we want so why do you even need to say that? The reason. I think, is that you think that it is cool and liberal and free to use that term. You are still living with your parents and perhaps you think using that term differentiates you from them, makes you different from the way they are. Because you want to be different from them. I would never use such restrictive terms because really they are meaningless and limiting. I am a woman and I can have sex with whoever I want without having to label myself one thing or another.
  • No, there is nothing wrong with that. I have several friends who are bisexual.
  • it's who you are
  • There is nothing wrong with being bi sexual. It should be normal with females. With males it is a matter of choice.
    • officegirl
      Hmmm. You don't think we are capable of "choice" as far as who we choose to be with? Just as much as men are?
    • Thinker
      Sure you are capable of being with whomever you wish, I was saying bi-sexuality with females is more accepted by society.
    • Ponystar
      Now that was a stupid thing to say! It is the same for men and women! I'm bi and it is not a choice!
  • No! LOL! Actually its awesome because you can enjoy so much more sexually!

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