• A lot of drama for someone your age. Of course you are depressed if you just try and try to keep losing weight no matter what. You feel you are nothing anyway and you have no self-esteem so you feel OK if I die it won't matter and then you use that to get attention. When I was your age I felt pretty much the same though thank God I never got into losing weight. I did drugs instead which was maybe worse. You need to take your focus off yourself and put it on other people - not on what they think of you because that is selfish but on what you can do for them. Be active - have interests and hobbies and learn to do something really well. Get out a broom and mop and clean your parents house until it is spotless - that is a good beginning. Do some strenuous work that will help people. The quit eating junk food and fast food and soda and candy and sweets and drugs (if you do them) and things like that because they cause depression. Depression is a symptom of poor health. I was depressed when I was young and I never saw a single therapist but learned how to eat well and healthy and cook my own food and think positively and be active and I pulled myself out of it. Thank God. That is how.
    • nicole drye
      I have hobbies and that's not why
  • 1-6-2017 The first line of defense against depression and anxiety is B vitamins. Get nutritional yeast powder and/or B-100 pills. Vitamin B2 is a water soluble dye that turns urine bright yellow. When the color fades, it's time for another dose. Read some books about nutrition so you know how to eat right.

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